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Interesting facts about your toothbrush

Interesting facts about your toothbrush

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Hopefully you use your toothbrush on a daily basis. Have you ever taken the time to take a closer look at this item? Why does every toothbrush has different colours and how do you store your toothbrush?


Different colours

The colours in your toothbrush makes it looks a lot happier. However, there is a very good reason for the different colours. By reading the packaging carefully, you will find out that the coloured bristles indicate how much toothpaste you should use. Especially with toothbrushes that have a coloured circle.

When you buy your new toothbrush, you can read the packaging and discover what the colour stand for. You will never use too much or too little toothpaste again!


Time for a replacement

If you are someone who brushes twice a day, you will need to replace your toothbrush after about ten weeks. That means you can brush your teeth 140 times before you have to buy a new one. Typically, we use this item a lot longer. This may make brushing less effective. Even if you think you clean your teeth well, your toothbrush will contain about 7 million bacteria. Not something you like to put in your mouth… In addition, after brushing 140 times, the toothbrush is less good at removing plaque.


Other indications that your toothbrush really needs to be replaced:

  • Faded colours
  • Toothbrush bristles jumping in all directions

If this is the case within those 10 weeks, such as children who sometimes chew on the brush, it is wise to replace the toothbrush more quickly. Even if you have a cold or been ill, germs can get into the bristles of your toothbrush. It is therefore worthwhile for your health to choose a new toothbrush (or a electric toothbrush).


Cleaning your toothbrush

You probably just rinse your toothbrush after brushing. Unfortunately that’s not enough. Rinsing with hot water is already more effective than with cold water. You can also have your toothbrush (including the attachments of electric toothbrushes) washed in the dishwasher. Make sure that the toothbrush bristles do not bend and make sure that your toothbrush dries well after washing.


Also good to know: if you have a toilet in the bathroom, it is wise to keep your toothbrush in a closed container or cabinet. When using the toilet, bacteria will spread through the air on the toothbrush. This is also possible if you do not porperly wash your hands after the big message, or if you have the soap next to your toothbrushes. It is also less hygienic to put several toothbrushes of your housemates/relatives together in one cup.


Looking for more information on how to keep your teeth healthy? Contact your dental office. Take a look at dentist.amsterdam if you’re looking for a professional advice in Amsterdam.

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